About Swing Sistah Productions:

Swing Sistah is all about putting together authentic jazz dance events. etc.

December 16th, 2006

featured musical guest is Ms Barbara Morrison !

Special Guests :
- Skip Cunningham
          ... tap dancer / singer extraordinaire
- Manu Smith from San Francisco
          ... to teach the dance lesson and be the DJ

          7303 E. Earll Dr ...  Scottsdale
          (one block north of intersection Scottsdale & Thomas roads)

Beginner Swing Dance Lesson   7-8pm
Dance unti 3 am !!!


Musicians :

- Honey Bear's BBQ

The owner, Gary, himself will be managing the food and drinks for the event.  Various choices will be sold after 8pm.  He will stay AS LONG AS WE WANT HIM TO STAY...

No reserved seating
...chairs will be available in the ballroom
...the adjoining room will have tables for gathering
Please just stop by and enjoy the fun !!

Admission   $15 (availabe now by contacting me directly)
  $20 at the door

Semi-formal dress suggested...
            definitely NO jeans.

One more note :

This will be a DRUG - FREE event.

Anyone in possession of narcotics, street drugs, or drug paraphernalia ...
or found to have brought outside alcohol ...

will be subject to ARREST.

*** this is from the management of the Parada Expo Center


       Holiday Inn Express (across the street)

Address : 3131 N. Scottsdale Rd
Phone : 480-675-7665

Special rate : $99 per night
*** mention "JAZZ BALL"

Please mark your calendars.  This will be the event to experience in December.